你好,翻译应该是The teacher put us into many groups,答题不易,望采纳,谢谢

将财务结果我们已经达成的本财年第一季度末,我们的立场是关于3个月过去了,预测的情况下,一般的前景等着我们的2013 / 2014得出的一些结论

My Home Town My home town is a beautiful place.It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice. But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town.Many people had no work.They lived a hard life. In 1949 my ho...

15. 也 16. 很多 17. 玩的开心 18. 这是和家人朋友一起享用特别晚餐的时间。 19. 接下来的一年他们一起吃新的食物来庆祝。 20. 当所有都结束时,每个人都帮忙洗盘子。

哈佛先驱联合医疗中心是一家跨专业医疗联合体,它位于马萨诸塞州东部,由14家流动护理所组成。 (它包括): 两家相距较远的(意思可能是指能服务更广区域的人)退伍老兵事务医疗中心; 两家设立于城中的医疗学术中心内的临床实习基地。

Your forwarder has just contacted me.If you confirmed to deliver the cargo from Yiwu,you should afford the shipment fee from Qingdao to Yiwu by truck,because the quotation in our contract is "FOB Qingdao".The shipment fee detai...

We apologize for the frequent change of the price and we hope you will accept our new offer. For the success of the first cooperation, we are giving you the same quotation as our long-standing American clients.

第一个对,第二个完全错误 minister只用于国家部门(部长级,副总理级,总理),公司的部长没有这一说。 Deputy Financial Executive应是最合适的翻译 国外最多的是CFO, OR FINANCIAL DIRECTOR. 执行财务部长很少,只有financial executive这个t...

您所管辖的部门;直接下属人数;间接下属人数;管理工作基本描述:1.管理工作累计年限2.本岗位管理工作年限3.您的汇报人是 The departments under your jurisdiction; the number of direct subordinates; the number of indirect subordinates; the...

Is it OK that we effect delivery this week? Your reply at the earliest will be appreiciated. (说话者为卖家) Can we expect the goods to be delivered this week? Your reply as soon as possible will be appreciated. (说话者为买家)

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